Why can't I view my closed bugs or answers?

Created by Diogo Matsubara
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Diogo Matsubara

When bugs or answers are closed they no longer show up in my profile; this makes it very difficult to reopen a bug or view answers to bugs without searching through email. If it is an old issue it makes it even more difficult. Is there an easy way to see all of my bug reports/answers, not just the ones that are currently open?

Answer from Curtis Hovey:

For questions, choosing the Answers tab under you profile will suffice.


It show all questions you are/were involved with except for Expired and Invalid. You can see every question by selecting Expired and Invalid and choosing search. I see you have asked 3 questions and commented on 1.

For bugs, there is an extra step. Choose the Bugs tab under your profile, then Choose Advanced Search. Select all the statuses, and choose the Search button. It will display the Wont Fix, Invalid, and Fix Released bugs that are normally hidden. I recommend that you bookmark this page. I see that there are 4 bug reports that are not normally shown.