How do I join a translation team for my language?

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First, you need to decide if you really need to join a translation team. For most projects, the translation teams are there to help review translations rather than to make them.

If you're sure you need to join a translation team, you can find out which one to join by knowing:

 * the language you want to work in
 * the translation group used by the project you want to translate.

What is a translation group?

A translation group is a collection of teams and individuals who have each agreed to manage the review/translation of one or more languages. Projects and distributions then choose which project group they want to delegate their translation to or, if they prefer, can request that the Launchpad administrators create a new project group for their use.

Finding the right translation group

Visit and look in the middle column for the name of the project you want to work with. Once you've found the right group, click through to find the team or individual that manages translations for the language you're interested in.

If it's a team, you should be able to ask to join. If it's an individual, contact them and ask them to consider forming a new team with you.