Launchpad asked me for plural forms information. What info do you need?

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plural form translation
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Henning Eggers

Plural forms information for translation purposes consists of two values:

1. A number that denotes how many plural forms the language uses, e.g. "2" for English.
2. A logical expression (C style) that calculates which plural form is used for which number of items (n) being named, e.g. "n != 1" for English.

Information about how plurals are constructed grammatically (e.g. "in English you need to append an 's' to form the plural except when ...") is completely irrelevant for the translation system and please don't try to explain them. Of course, you will need to know and use these rules when you are doing the translations but Launchpad does not need to know them.

Please read the help page on the topic for a more detailed explanation: