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Needs information 708461 Is there a way to limit when playtime is available (e.g. not before 7a, not after 7p) 2023-11-16 13:49:54 UTC joncamfield Eduards Bezverhijs Needs information
Solved 708434 Timekpr-nExt does not work in certain scenarios 2023-11-13 07:13:46 UTC Luca Trombin Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Needs information 708420 Lock screen does not work in case of full screen videos 2023-11-11 05:06:42 UTC Luca Trombin Eduards Bezverhijs Needs information
Open 708416 Custom action on events 2023-11-10 14:16:07 UTC Luca Trombin Eduards Bezverhijs Open
Answered 708043 Windows version 2023-09-26 14:14:30 UTC Iko Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Answered 707691 Failed to connect, openSuse Tumbleweed 2023-08-21 13:34:23 UTC Grzegorz Answered
Answered 707242 whilelist specific channels on YouTube, block all other YT 2023-07-09 02:26:23 UTC Ralph Subs Answered
Answered 706928 Completion of spanish translation 2023-06-07 15:53:50 UTC Ivan Ledesma Answered
Solved 706893 Consultation on the use of the program 2023-06-04 14:17:41 UTC Ivan Ledesma Solved
Solved 706318 Failed to connect, daemon not starting 2023-04-19 15:37:26 UTC Ricardo Casasola Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Solved 705862 Timekpr fails to logout the users. I don't see any errors in /var/log/timekpr.log 2023-03-16 22:05:58 UTC Bartłomiej Solved
Open 704257 notifications (playtime) on Raspberry Pi OS 2023-01-01 11:46:30 UTC papp nase Eduards Bezverhijs Open
Solved 704110 feature request: temporary time extension 2022-12-13 06:41:14 UTC Aryeh Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 703152 Timekpr-nExT status info on lock screen (Kubuntu 22.04) 2022-09-13 19:49:54 UTC conre Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Answered 702980 Playtime notifications not firing 2022-08-30 08:31:05 UTC Maxime JAcquet Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Answered 702623 steamdeck 2022-08-01 13:34:08 UTC fredward Answered
Answered 702536 Multiple time restriction 2022-07-21 20:17:23 UTC Ramón Meza Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Answered 702502 Custom password 2022-07-18 15:09:55 UTC Ramón Meza Answered
Solved 702492 Playtime doesn't allow unaccounted intervals 2022-07-16 12:55:03 UTC javicroket Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Needs information 702035 Session lock still counting time 2022-06-01 20:52:41 UTC Iyad Kandalaft Eduards Bezverhijs Needs information
Answered 701386 no user on administrator panel for Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS 2022-04-17 15:45:31 UTC Xudong Sun Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 700643 error when the child logs in 2022-02-16 16:21:39 UTC henrydenhengst Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 700511 Network wide use 2022-02-04 16:39:14 UTC Michael Ernst Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Open 700424 unexpected error updating configuration. Please inspect Timekpr-nExT log files 2022-01-28 06:59:28 UTC Xudong Sun Eduards Bezverhijs Open
Answered 700420 timekpr does not lock screen on Xubuntu 20.04 (xfce4-screensaver) 2022-01-27 17:23:19 UTC Robert Euhus Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Answered 700373 only allow SU (parent) user to change time interval one day earlier instead of on the same day 2022-01-24 08:45:12 UTC Xudong Sun Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 699850 PermissionError when starting timekprd 2021-12-13 17:49:18 UTC Alexnader Karenin Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Solved 698460 Timekpr shows previously deleted users. 2021-08-22 16:45:12 UTC Octavio Pineda Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 697341 Scheduling Playtime 2021-06-01 12:57:10 UTC Frederick Hoyt Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Answered 697114 Can't enter new users. 2021-05-18 06:49:59 UTC Mark Harder Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 696963 Miss-configured from command line and can no longer access user configuration 2021-05-07 14:40:36 UTC Silviu Popescu Solved
Solved 696851 The (SU) Timekpr-nExT control panel (superuser mode) does not open 2021-04-30 22:17:15 UTC Amendola Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Solved 695725 Daemon restart? 2021-02-24 14:50:29 UTC Christoph W Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 695453 possible to share time across multiple pcs? 2021-02-10 00:42:48 UTC Michael O'Donnell Answered
Solved 695393 add a german comments to desktop files 2021-02-05 14:56:22 UTC fred Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 695255 How to give extra screen time for one time 2021-01-29 18:56:35 UTC Lorenzo Zanella Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 695045 Time spent is different from actual usage 2021-01-17 19:18:55 UTC Apiacere Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Solved 695030 Enable Playtime does not function 2021-01-16 13:11:33 UTC Mike Snowden Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 694891 Do not allow playtime activities during school times 2021-01-11 11:44:58 UTC Peter Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 694890 Process mask for minecraft 2021-01-11 11:37:46 UTC Peter Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 694866 key-related errors while adding ppa in debian 10.7 2021-01-09 18:32:31 UTC Julio Gago Alonso Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 694741 new version on December 2020 failed to check users 2020-12-31 22:09:09 UTC Xudong Sun Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Solved 694563 Embedded usage statistics 2020-12-17 15:06:01 UTC Ronny Roscher Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Solved 694360 how to manage timekpr-next from another computer 2020-12-05 11:10:35 UTC nik norsot Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Solved 693560 Can some periods be marked 'free-for-all'? 2020-10-21 10:07:13 UTC Ng Oon-Ee Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 693519 feature suggestion - add an option to set the time when day starts 2020-10-19 07:52:37 UTC Edgar Maloverian Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 692144 Timekpr service fails to start with status=200/CHDIR 2020-07-30 07:58:27 UTC Beniamin Bronisz Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
Answered 692117 Possibility of becoming part of GNOME's Parental Control for Screen Time? 2020-07-28 20:37:44 UTC Anthony Fok Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Answered 691974 How to remove timekpr 2020-07-20 16:04:52 UTC Swapnil Maurya Eduards Bezverhijs Answered
Solved 691240 Disable client app 2020-06-09 23:27:32 UTC arhatt Eduards Bezverhijs Solved
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